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You see the sky today is very beautiful, you fall in love with life and people. You have a need to share, sympathy. You know there is a case of illness, poor or poverty that desperately needs help. You feel pity and compassionate for the childs in need on the highlands. You are thrilled and want to do charity work, want to join hands to ease the pain of the unhappy person.

We are happy to know that there is one more person who has the same will to help people in life. However, we are still not fortunate to work together and you can completely do charity your own way.

Only when you find your charity project need to be effective, surveying the right audience; you accept to be subject to strict financial and revenue supervision, to verify, re-test and evaluate the impact many times; Think of us, the Lotus Charity Foundation.


Here are the definitions:

Lotus Charity Foundation: will abbreviate to Fund.

Means Expense or Means Working Group: the budget for operating expenses, not derived from donor contributions.

Affiliate Employee: employee who signs a full-time contract with the Fund.

Benefactor: those who contribute to the fund.

Beneficiary: subjects that the Fund helps, can be individuals or collectives.

Collaborator: employee working part-time with the Fund.

Volunteer: employee working on a case with the Fund.

Partner: an individual or organization that wishes to carry out a charity project together with the Fund and is agreed to cooperate by the Fund through a cooperation agreement between the two sides.

Charity project: the name for a collection of charitable activities towards a specific purpose, satisfying the specific needs of the subject called the Beneficiary. The Fund’s projects can be for a period of time such as medical assistance or indefinite term such as a restaurant selling cheap meals.




Article 1. Main Characteristics

  1. Lotus Charity Foundation is a charity fund that has no administrative costs. Operating expenses are not derived from donors’ contributions, but are contributed by the Founders and the Board of Management, also known as a Means Expense or Means Working Group.
  2. Lotus Charity Foundation is a transparent and legal fund, audited by a reputable audit company, revenue and expenditure is conducted on the basis of network technology, real-time updates, helping the philanthropists can choose to help specific projects that is running contributions.
  3. Lotus Charity Foundation not only provides money or material to the Beneficiary but also focuses on spreading compassion, spiritual therapy, transforming suffering.
  4. Lotus Charity Foundation focuses on the effectiveness of projects by verifying multiple layers , reviewing results after implementation of each project, and building databases for charitable work.


Article 2. History

Lotus Charity Fund was established under Decision No. 24 / QD-BNV licensed by the Ministry of Home Affairs on January 5, 2018. The Lotus Foundation is an extended version of the Charity Fund of Ho Chi Minh City, established through Decision 2267 / QD-UBND of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City on 5 May 2012. The Lotus Charity Foundation is a private charity fund.

The Fund is located at 5th floor, 7-9-11 Mai Thi Luu Street, District 1, HCMC. Lotus Charity Foundation inherits from Charity Fund of Ho Chi Minh City many projects, such as providing cheap meals like the Smile Eateries – Social Restaurant of 2,000 VND, medical assistance projects, helping the poor and in need, etc.

The Lotus Charity Foundation is neither a political organization nor a religious organization.

Article 3. Organization Chart

The Lotus Fund is managed by the Board of Management. Members of the Management Board are recognized by the Ministry of Home Affairs with Decision 745 / QD-BNV dated May 3, 2018. Based on the Fund’s charter recognized by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Fund also has a Director of the Fund and specialized committees gather in the Executive Board to run the day-to-day business of the Fund.

The Fund operates in the following fields: providing cheap meals for the poor, helping with medical examination and treatment costs, helping the disabled, the lonely poor, helping with the study costs for poor pupils and students, support for livelihoods, disaster relief from floods and storms, etc.



Article 4. What is a Partner?

The Fund does not work alone, but regularly has partners to implement the Project together. It is also the criterion to spread compassion, creating conditions for many individuals and organizations to participate in charity.

  1. Partners can be individuals or organizations. Partner may or may not have legal entities.
  2. The partner wishes to implement a charity project whose purpose and scope are within the Fund’s capacity. Charity projects can be as small as supporting a needy person, or as big as building schools, bridges, roads, disaster relief. Projects can be for a term such as medical assistance or indefinite such as providing cheap meals through restaurants.
  3. A partner must meets the partnership criteria mentioned in Article 5 of this Statute.

Article 5. Partner Standards

With the exception of six (6) 2,000 VND Smile Eateries/Restaurants operating during the Charity Fund times which the Lotus Charity Foundation inherited, partners must meet the following criteria:

  1. An individual or organization has had a reputable, flawless, charitable activity known to the community. The Fund will survey and evaluate the charity projects that the individual or organization has implemented.
  2. Qualified individual or organization to implement the project with the Fund. If an individual or organization only provides information and is not capable of participating in the Project, it is only counted as the provider of information to the Fund, not a partner. If an individual or organization only contributes material and is not able to participate in the Project, it is only counted as a Donor, not a partner.
  3. Individual or organization that agrees to sign Cooperation Agreement with the Fund and undertakes to comply with this Agreement. If the Partner has legal status, the signatory of the Agreement will be the legal entity and any change of the head of legal entity will not affect the signed Cooperation Agreement. If the Partner does not have legal status, for example charity groups, funds, or spontaneous associations do not have legal entities, the party signing the Agreement is natural and when changing natural persons, they must re-sign the Agreement.

Article 6. Partner Rights

When you become a Partner of the Fund, you will have more advantages when working with the Fund to implement your desired Charity Project.

  1. The project will be monitored by experienced and qualified Affiliates to ensure transparency and reasonableness of financial revenues and expenditures. This monitoring mechanism is evident in the Cooperation Agreement. Possibly, the Fund’s auditor will participate in monitoring the Project.
  2. The project is called and donated on the official media of the Fund and on behalf of the Fund. All donations are updated in real time. Donors contributing to the Project will receive a Valid receipts with the value of income tax deduction.
  3. The Means Working Group will partly support the administrative cost of the Project without taking from donors’ contributions.
  4. For long-term and large-scale projects, the Fund may invite partners to participate in naming the Project to demonstrate the Partners’ will and belief in the Project. In this case, the Project may be called another name as “Program”.

Article 7. Partner Responsibilities

In addition to the benefits for the Partner when implementing the Project with the Fund, the Partner must also have the following responsibilities:

  1. Respect and implement the terms of the Cooperation Agreement.
  2. Join together with the Fund, to implement the project in accordance with the purpose and principles of the Cooperation Agreement
  3. Update and record the financial income inside expenditure books in accordance with the Fund’s instructions
  4. Cooperate well with the Fund whenever its members supervise financial revenues and expenditures.
  5. Cooperate well with the Quality Control and Impact Assessment conducted by the Fund members

lvc 5/2018

version 18.1