Code of Conduct



Lotus Charity Fund needs to be run professionally and effectively as an organization followed by business model. All members joining the Lotus Charity Foundation should refer to the Collaborator Policy and apply the following codes of conduct at work.

Rule 1: Purpose

We do charity to give back to life for giving us so much luck, to bring joy to everyone and to ourselves. We do not seek anything other than joy and peace for everyone.

Through charitable activities, we strive to spread compassion to the community to obscure violent images and evil images. Not only do we give material to the poor, but we also focus on transforming suffering in people’s hearts, the gentle and beautiful image of good will cool the fire of suffering by evil.

Rule 2: For raised money and organization costs

Donations are contributions made by donors to the Fund, we call them “sacred money“. The contributions, though more or less, come from a kind heart. These valuables are very loveable and precious, so we call them sacred money, and must be respectfully transferred all to the beneficiaries.

The principle of the Fund is no-cost administration, not from funds contributed by donors. However, the fact that the Fund must be managed modernly, there must be a professional team … it means that it is still necessary to raise the apparatus. The Means Working Group, the Fund’s partner, must make money to cover the Fund’s operating expenses. The money that the Means Working Group makes to support the Fund’s apparatus is called “means money “.

In the course of operation, if there are mistakes that damage this means money, we must regret it, and if the mistakes damage sacred money, or are used for the wrong purpose, everyone must be very painful.

Rule 3: For work – professionalism

Each member must operate according to the correct process in a professional, coherent and efficient apparatus. Work commitment must be in the form of a written document called “labor contract” and each member, if necessary, can receive a salary to be responsible for the contract performance. Descriptions of work, procedures and codes must be issued that are easy to understand and identify. We cannot “do it when you like it, and quit if you do not”. Relaxed but serious, we work for Charity under the pressure of commitment, with the highest sense of responsibility.

The long-term labor contracts will implement social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance in accordance with the requirements of the Labor Law. For seasonal contracts, insurance payments are paid directly to the employee’s salary. It should be noted that all these costs will be covered by the Means working group, the Fund’s partner.

Rule 4: For colleague – harmony

We have a lot of like-minded people who contribute to the implementation of projects. Keeping harmony and respect, cherish each other are very basic principles of the members in the Fund. Of course there will be different opinions among colleagues about the working method. In that case, it is necessary to sit together to discuss in peace and figure out the best possible way. If a common voice cannot be found, the decision belongs to the person with greater authority. When the final decision has been made, all must comply. See also the Affiliate Policy

Rule 5: For the beneficiary: love and respect

The beneficiaries of the Charity Fund are the poor, the unfortunate, unlucky people in life. They have an inferiority complex about accepting our help. And they are also very vulnerable. All members and volunteers of the Charity Fund must always preserve the consideration, cherish and love. Sometimes, due to their hard life, harsh livelihoods, they are coping, undisciplined, or even dishonest, they are still subjects that we need to love and support. Regardless of any situation, a member of the Charity Fund absolutely must not let any harsh words to the beneficiary.

Sometimes the beneficiary has the appearance of being rich, taking advantage of kindness, for example, customers with luxurious looks come and eat at 2,000 VND eaterie. We should not react to denial or drive away exploitation if we only judge the appearance. Because if they look luxurious but are really difficult, but we refuse and drop heavy words, then we have committed an unforgivable crime. We “would rather to omit but not to kill the wrong one”.

Rule 6: For other charitable organizations – learn with a bow

Luckily that in life, together with us, there are still many people and organizations that are in tune doing charitable activities. We truly appreciate and admire these people and organizations. Although we have tried much, we are still very small in front of their effective activities. We are delighted to be able to share and learn from other charities. We respect all other charitable organizations, even if they are small-scale, ineffective, because we value hearts.

We join the Charity Fund with pure motives but we are still very likely to be misunderstood. Many people have very little belief in the good,  in times of trouble, can still claim that we do charity by other motives such as brand name polishing, brand PR etc … Sometimes they judge and criticize us heavily. For those judges and criticisms, we must still listen calmly, refine the possible valid arguments, to learn, to do better. We sincerely want to do well, we want to correct mistakes. We do not monopolize right and reason.

Rule 7: For the philanthropist – no discrimination

We respect and appreciate donors irrespective of whether they make a large donation or a small amount. We do not concern about the identity of the contributor, kindness even if is revealed only in a moment can still make us feel warm in the heart.

Sometimes there are donors attached to confusing conditions such as forcing the Fund to promote their name, telling false facts or overstating their contributions to seek social praise. They print pictures of charity work on them everywhere. We still should not be averse to such benefactors, because in that filial piety there is still the seed of goodness, even though it is very small, but will sprout later. And for ourselves, we only contact the media in very necessary cases, to avoid misunderstanding about charity motives.

Rule 8: For the law and the public

Lotus Charity Foundation is a social fund, established privately and operating within the framework of Vietnamese law. We must strictly obey, respect, and abide to the law. We must comply with the government management of the authorities.

Rule 9: Religion and Politics

The Lotus Charity Foundation is a non-profit, not a religious organization, nor is it a political organization. We do not conduct any religious or political activities. On the Fund website and forums, there must be no reference to religious or political activities.

Rule 10: Information transparency

All information about the Fund’s operations should be fully posted on the Fund’s website. We do not have permission or need to hide information. Financial transparency is the top requirement of the Fund. In particular, financial information needs to be updated accurately and quickly. Try to use as much visual information as possible instead of dry text.