Whenever we return to Nha May Man to get information, we are filled with energy by the delighted faces of those who are going to receive electrical 3-wheel bikes and we also feel fretty when seeing other people expecting a vehicle to facilitate their earning. Each person has his or her own story but what they have in common is extraordinary energy of life.

85.85% Raised
Donation 51,509,500₫
Mobilization 60,000,000₫
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Every disabled person supported in Nha May Man has difficult circumstances. One of them living in an isolated rural countryside went here to study for an occupation. Despite their difficult background, unhealthy body, they always strive to be better by adapting to the wheelchair or new life routine. When they come to Nha May Man, they will be equipped with professional skills to earn for life by themself. There is Mr. K, who works every day as a garment worker to raise his daughter who is in grade 10, even though she is his adopted child, but when he and his wife broke up, he still would like to take care of the child. He and his daughter rely on each other at Nha May Man. There is Mr. Q who has to save his salary to buy medicine every day because of the sequelae of spinal damage… The defects in the body are what everyone sees, but the efforts, the hard work, only he understands.

Forthcoming, our Fund is going to hand over 5 next electrical 3-wheel bikes, of which 4 people use to go to work and the one left is given to the Chap Canh Center for people there to share together. All electrical 3-wheel bikes are discounted for 98% compared to the market price, the buyers just need to pay 300,000VND/one.

Choosing some persons among many people is difficult because everyone expects and needs our support. Like other ones before, we will consider the urgency of the case. We give priority to someone who is going to work or has to raise dependents. After they are supported with an occupation, their life will step to a new one, they can take care of themself and their family also.

Currently, Lotus Foundation is mobilizing 60,000,000VND to hand over 5 electric 3-wheel motorbikes. We expect to receive awareness and support from benefactors to help disable people in their life.

Learn more information about 3-wheel motorbike campaign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AkpbmSgft8

Learn more at Nha May Man: https://maison-chance.org/

To avoid being scammed through the phone, we do not public beneficiary phone numbers. For contributing, please contact Lotus Charity Foundation – Floor 5, no. 7 – 9 – 11 Mai Thi Luu, Da Kao Ward, District 1. Phone number: (028) 39107612

Our bank accounts (VND):
Account 1: 6420201012822 – Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank) – Branch 10
Account 2: 0371000481127 – Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) – Tan Dinh Branch
Account 3: 508317 – Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ACB) – Branch Sai Gon
Account 4: 18610000165426 – Joint stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Viet Nam – Ham Nghi Branch

List of contributors
1. Nhà hảo tâm Gia đình Nguyễn Phan Kiều Linh hỗ trợ 20000000 đồng
2. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 150000 đồng
3. Nhà hảo tâm LUONG BAO hỗ trợ 200000 đồng
4. Nhà hảo tâm Ong Tu Van hỗ trợ 10000000 đồng
5. Nhà hảo tâm Vo Dinh Nhat Huy hỗ trợ 1000000 đồng
6. Nhà hảo tâm TRUONG THI KIM YEN hỗ trợ 300000 đồng
7. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 1000000 đồng