Ms Đoàn T. M, was born in 1954 at Đồng Nai province. Unfortunately, her husband soon passed away since then she has been living with daughter’s family. She is getting sick thorough all year but her relatives have not still purchased Medical Care Insurance for her yet. Each time she fall ill, permanent visit to local clinic and then takes some temporarily curing medicines. In the end of last Feb, Ms M got sick suddenly, shortness of breath at night. Her relatives dropped her to Thủ Đức Hospital on time in fortune and transferred to Respiratory for treatment. She is diagnosed pneumonia, urinary tract infections, degenerative spine back and bacterial digestive infections. She is carrying the skinny body but she keeps trying hard to face serious diseases.

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Ms Đ’s couple who are Ms M’s descendant work as bricklayer supplement to raise children and handle all her drugs. Nevertheless, Ms M’s health has gone down recent days so she left her current works, stay home to take care her mother and little boy. All living costs depend on her husband. However, bricklayer supplement is not stability, when have work the income approximately 200-300 thousand VND/day, without work without a penny. The eldest son has been demobilized, planning to learn at vocational school but due to lack of condition family, grandmother get sickness, little brother’s studying so unexpected he delays all proposals and then working with father in bricklayer supplement stuff.

This time suddenly hospitalized in long days, Medical Care Insurance which just purchased is still not valid. Now the treatment cost is 10 million VND but it is huge amount for family situation. The income of Ms Đ’s husband everyday just enough for only one living day costs, mother in law’s medicines, short of condition living in every aspect how to get this amount. In the past few days they accumulated all saving amount to pay in advance.

Support this family in further overcome this pressing period, Charity Fund hope to campaign reach 12.000.000 VND hospital’s fee, reduce a little bit of difficulty in current. As treatment expectation, if her health is better, she will be able to discharge from hospital in next week otherwise if the complication is occurred, they will have long progress to attempt.

To avoid the risk of patients being scammed over the phone, The Fund does not make patient phone numbers public. For all donations, please contact Lotus Charity Foundation – 5th Floor, 7 9 -11 Mai Thi Luu, Da Kao Ward, District 1, HCMC – Tel: (028) 39107612
Donations from benefactors will be properly directed to the designated patient. However, in order to avoid the situation that too many resources are concentrated in one case and the others less, we ask for permission if the total amount raised is more than 120% of the amount we need to help, we will only transfer the 120% maximum for the patient and the remainder will be transferred to the next case.
Account Name: Lotus Charity Foundation
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Account 1: 6420201012822 – Agribank – Branch 10
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Account 3: 508317 – ACB Bank – Saigon Branch
Account 4: 18610000165426 – BIDV Bank – Ham Nghi branch.

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