Only one month was born, N was diagnosed congenital heart in a break and upset of a young 18 years old mother. With tiny and weak health must suffer the pain day by day, shortness of breath, cyanosis in a painful and incapacity of his family. Difficult circumstance, observing, medical evaluation during pregnant period was not taken care rightly, his father was not able to look after, companion with mother and baby in the most hardest time. All concern is handled by grandmother, a factory worker, is carrying all surgery cost nearly 100 million that seems over limit of this small family.

105.45% Raised
Donation 26,362,731₫
Mobilization 25,000,000₫
Deduct funds 0₫
1 Donors

Nguyễn L. Đ.N, five months old at Bình Phước, born in a poor family, having many unexpected incidents. Not for long grandfather had passed away, grandmother do as a worker with 7 million VND/month income to feed 4 dependants. His mother is H, second child in family, dropped out of school soon, doing housework at home and care for her younger kids until N was born without N’s father. In too young age, not maturity completely but H have to take care newborn baby with heart disease. Look at a few months old little child, but sometimes kid smiles or cry is nervous moment for all, kid might turn lividness anytime. Doctor consult to make a soon surgery however the surgery’s expense estimate nearly 100 million VND and her family cannot find this huge amount. Try to work as well as saving, borrow from many source just to get 30 million VND. In waiting time to collect expenditure and enough health condition to operating, his mother pick kid come back home and keep waiting in a worry, concern too much.

N is hospitalized at HCMC Heart Institute to observe, conduct health check to prepare for surgery progress. The surgery for the baby is extremely urgent now, the hopeful is lighted by the sponsors to give healthy heart to this kid will have smile, cry as well as other kids. Lotus Foundation desire to reach 25,000,000 VND campaign to support surgery expenditure for N.

To avoid the risk of patients being scammed over the phone, The Fund does not make patient phone numbers public. For all donations, please contact Lotus Charity Foundation – 5th Floor, 7 9 -11 Mai Thi Luu, Da Kao Ward, District 1, HCMC – Tel: (028) 39107612
Donations from benefactors will be properly directed to the designated patient. However, in order to avoid the situation that too many resources are concentrated in one case and the others less, we ask for permission if the total amount raised is more than 120% of the amount we need to help, we will only transfer the 120% maximum for the patient and the remainder will be transferred to the next case.
Account Name: Lotus Charity Foundation
VND account number:
Account 1: 6420201012822 – Agribank – Branch 10
Account 2: 0371000481127 – Vietcombank – Tan Dinh Branch
Account 3: 508317 – ACB Bank – Saigon Branch
Account 4: 18610000165426 – BIDV Bank – Ham Nghi branch.
Bệnh viện gửi giấy xác nhận hỗ trợ viện phí cho gia đình
Bé N sau phẫu thuật đang hồi phục, đã vui vẻ cười đùa với mẹ. Bác sĩ đang làm một số xét nghiệm để bé có thể xuất viện
Mẹ bé gửi thư cảm ơn đến Quỹ và Quý nhà hảo tâm
Danh sách Nhà hảo tâm đóng góp
1. Nhà hảo tâm THUY TIEN hỗ trợ 60000 đồng
2. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 200000 đồng
3. Nhà hảo tâm NGUYEN HOANG SAN SAN hỗ trợ 500000 đồng
4. Nhà hảo tâm LY VU hỗ trợ 50000 đồng
5. Nhà hảo tâm TRANG hỗ trợ 50000 đồng
6. Nhà hảo tâm LE Huu Nguyen hỗ trợ 167000 đồng
7. Nhà hảo tâm LUONG BAO hỗ trợ 100000 đồng
8. Nhà hảo tâm Kolmakova Ekaterina hỗ trợ 1500000 đồng
9. Nhà hảo tâm Phước Lộc Hùng Huỳnh hỗ trợ 2000000 đồng
10. Nhà hảo tâm Bui Thi Phuong Nga hỗ trợ 100000 đồng
11. Nhà hảo tâm NGUYEN DUY LINH hỗ trợ 2000000 đồng
12. Nhà hảo tâm NGUYEN LAP PHONG hỗ trợ 200000 đồng
13. Nhà hảo tâm Thao hỗ trợ 300000 đồng
14. Nhà hảo tâm TRAN TRUNG DUNG hỗ trợ 500000 đồng
15. Nhà hảo tâm TRAN TRONG THUC hỗ trợ 100000 đồng
16. Nhà hảo tâm VO DINH NHAT HUY hỗ trợ 500000 đồng
17. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 150000 đồng
18. Nhà hảo tâm Pham Viet Minh Chau hỗ trợ 500000 đồng
19. Nhà hảo tâm Lam Hai Nguyen hỗ trợ 300000 đồng
20. Nhà hảo tâm TRA XUAN BINH hỗ trợ 25000 đồng
21. Nhà hảo tâm TRAN THI BAO PHUONG PHOEBE TRAN hỗ trợ 1000000 đồng
22. Nhà hảo tâm Viet Duong hỗ trợ 5000000 đồng
23. Nhà hảo tâm Cuc Tinh Y hỗ trợ 50000 đồng
24. Nhà hảo tâm PHUONG THUY hỗ trợ 200000 đồng
25. Nhà hảo tâm DUYEN hỗ trợ 500000 đồng
26. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 50705 đồng
27. Nhà hảo tâm Ngoc Phuc hỗ trợ 100000 đồng
28. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 500000 đồng
29. Nhà hảo tâm DO VUONG ANH hỗ trợ 120000 đồng
30. Nhà hảo tâm NGUYEN VU PHUONG ANH hỗ trợ 50000 đồng
31. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 40026 đồng
32. Nhà hảo tâm Ho Nguyet Nhi hỗ trợ 2000000 đồng
33. Nhà hảo tâm TRI TU MINH hỗ trợ 500000 đồng
34. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 50000 đồng
35. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 50000 đồng