Mr.Trần V.M, born in 1964 at Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu, he and his wife are freelancer. M mow the lawn, are hired to cleaning edge, his wife hawks stuff in front of school gate at local to cover all expenses for their family. While he was bite by snake, treating cost is reaching 100 million VND without Health Insurance.
60.10% Raised
Donation 13,823,459₫
Mobilization 23,000,000₫
1 Donors

For a week ago, while M was been working, weed pulling completed he collected trash to burn then unfortunately snake attacked suddenly to his ankle. After a while was bite by snake, he did not go to hospital he used the folk method as getting snake venom as well. He did not think it was the venomous snake, he came home to take a rest. Until next evening, the rough and chapped legs of his hard famer were swelled with big pemphigus caused badly hurt and then he was hospitalized in blood clotting disorder condition.

Disavantaged circumstance, difficult to feed children daily so purchase health insurance has not been entirely prepared yet. Unforeseen accident, high cost treating as serum transfusion, concern is his physical condition that not adapted so curing progress has to remain longer time.  Each day elapsed is a day which his wife’s eyes heavier with husband concerning, thinking of hospital expenditure have not medical insurance corporation assisted yet. Borrowing from acquaintances just only 26 million.

Face to tricky and urgent situation, Lotus Charity hope to receive 23,000,000 VND to help his family release the hospital expenditure concerning while postpone all current jobs to focus handling M in hospital. Wish his condition will be soon improve and recover as well.

To avoid the risk of patients being scammed over the phone, The Fund does not make patient phone numbers public. For all donations, please contact Lotus Charity Foundation – 5th Floor, 7 9 -11 Mai Thi Luu, Da Kao Ward, District 1, HCMC – Tel: (028) 39107612
Donations from benefactors will be properly directed to the designated patient. However, in order to avoid the situation that too many resources are concentrated in one case and the others less, we ask for permission if the total amount raised is more than 120% of the amount we need to help, we will only transfer the 120% maximum for the patient and the remainder will be transferred to the next case.
Account Name: Lotus Charity Foundation
VND account number:
Account 1: 6420201012822 – Agribank – Branch 10
Account 2: 0371000481127 – Vietcombank – Tan Dinh Branch
Account 3: 508317 – ACB Bank – Saigon Branch
Account 4: 18610000165426 – BIDV Bank – Ham Nghi branch.
Danh sách Nhà hảo tâm đóng góp:
1. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 50000 đồng
2. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 500000 đồng
3. Nhà hảo tâm TRAN TRONG THUC hỗ trợ 200000 đồng
4. Nhà hảo tâm TRAN TRUNG DUNG hỗ trợ 1000000 đồng
5. Nhà hảo tâm LUONG BAO hỗ trợ 100000 đồng
6. Nhà hảo tâm Nguyen Phuong Lan hỗ trợ 100000 đồng
7. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 100000 đồng
8. Nhà hảo tâm NGUYEN QUOC BAO hỗ trợ 100000 đồng
9. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 43459 đồng
10. Nhà hảo tâm LY VU hỗ trợ 50000 đồng
11. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 200000 đồng
12. Nhà hảo tâm Phước Lộc Hùng Huỳnh hỗ trợ 2000000 đồng
13. Nhà hảo tâm NGUYEN THI MAI TRINH hỗ trợ 30000 đồng
14. Nhà hảo tâm DO TUNG LINH hỗ trợ 300000 đồng
15. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 1000000 đồng
16. Nhà hảo tâm Tu Kim Ngan hỗ trợ 100000 đồng
17. Nhà hảo tâm Phuc hỗ trợ 200000 đồng
18. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 10000 đồng
19. Nhà hảo tâm Hoang Ngoc Trang hỗ trợ 500000 đồng
20. Nhà hảo tâm Ong Tu Van hỗ trợ 3000000 đồng
17. Nhà hảo tâm Lam hỗ trợ 250000 đồng
18. Nhà hảo tâm TRA XUAN BINH hỗ trợ 25000 đồng
19. Nhà hảo tâm NGUYEN LAP PHONG hỗ trợ 200000 đồng