The family has 3 members, all of them are sick, lose their ability to work and are even more miserable when the main worker has a stroke

84.41% Raised
Donation 15,065,000₫
Mobilization 17,847,167₫
1 Donors

Lê H.P, was born in 1970, living in rented place in Hoc Mon. He is feeding mother nearly 90 years old, a younger brother got sick cause sick atrophy, both of them are very weak, just lay down only one side and everything include eating, drinking, hygiene are depending P handle by himself. He always work in near from home so that he could return anytime when neighbor call mother or brother feel not so good.

As usual, he comes back home after working day in hiring for fixing house but that night he has been sick and was taken first aid in same night. In the urgent point, taken emergency in Xuyên Á hospital without Health insurance. He is diagnosed brain infarction, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Go over from death but with each hospitalized day he is nervous regularly because hospital fee could not be paid completely. An acquaintance given him 3 million to implement in the advance payment but until he was discharged he could not pay any medical fee added, must to do debt document to pay monthly for hospital. After hemiplegia, he got the paralytic, take care himself is not easy but still come back home to look after mother and brother

Every day, he has to treated by acupuncture with 100k/day and paid for rent house about 3 million/month. The neighbor feel pity for his circumstance so donate a little each person, someone have money will support money, someone have  rice will support rice or share a little vegetables while go to market every day when his family’s money is running out and exhausted entirely.

Face to pressing situation of P’s family, Lotus Charity Fund hope to provide 3 million within 3 months,  total is 9 million in order to he can cover for his curing cost, back to work soon and take care family members actively. Simultaneously, will pay remain cost in the debt is 8.847.167 VND so as to he can receive personal information paper back. Total campaign amount: 17.847.167 VND. Look forward to receiving the cooperation of Sponsors.

To avoid the risk of patients being scammed over the phone, The Fund does not make patient phone numbers public. For all donations, please contact Lotus Charity Foundation – 5th Floor, 7 9 -11 Mai Thi Luu, Da Kao Ward, District 1, HCMC – Tel: (028) 39107612
Donations from benefactors will be properly directed to the designated patient. However, in order to avoid the situation that too many resources are concentrated in one case and the others less, we ask for permission if the total amount raised is more than 120% of the amount we need to help, we will only transfer the 120% maximum for the patient and the remainder will be transferred to the next case.
Account Name: Lotus Charity Foundation
VND account number:
Account 1: 6420201012822 – Agribank – Branch 10
Account 2: 0371000481127 – Vietcombank – Tan Dinh Branch
Account 3: 508317 – ACB Bank – Saigon Branch
Account 4: 18610000165426 – BIDV Bank – Ham Nghi branch.
Danh sách Nhà hảo tâm đóng góp:
1. Nhà hảo tâm LUONG BAO hỗ trợ 100000 đồng
2. Nhà hảo tâm Nguyen Thu An hỗ trợ 200000 đồng
3. Nhà hảo tâm Vinh hỗ trợ 500000 đồng
4. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 500000 đồng
5. Nhà hảo tâm Nguyen Phuong Lan hỗ trợ 100000 đồng
6. Nhà hảo tâm Hy Hy hỗ trợ 50000 đồng
7. Nhà hảo tâm Truong Hoang Phuc hỗ trợ 100000 đồng
8. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 100000 đồng
9. Nhà hảo tâm TRAN TRUNG DUNG hỗ trợ 1000000 đồng
10. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 20000 đồng
11. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 500000 đồng
12. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 20000 đồng
13. Nhà hảo tâm Phước Lộc Hùng Huỳnh hỗ trợ 2000000 đồng
14. Nhà hảo tâm Ong Tu Van hỗ trợ 5000000 đồng
15. Nhà hảo tâm LUONG BAO hỗ trợ 100000 đồng
16. Nhà hảo tâm Hoang Thanh Hang hỗ trợ 3000000 đồng
17. Nhà hảo tâm TRA XUAN BINH hỗ trợ 25000 đồng
18. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 200000 đồng
19. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 500000 đồng
20. Nhà hảo tâm MINH TAM THANH MAI hỗ trợ 600000 đồng
17. Nhà hảo tâm Lam hỗ trợ 250000 đồng
18. Nhà hảo tâm LUONG HUY HOANG hỗ trợ 200000 đồng