With the instability health, force to make an emergency surgery during her fetus had not old quite enough. A baby has to far away from mother when just born in a short time, how many days old baby is, also how many days mother suffer with pain in the treatment from local hospital to Chợ Rẫy hospital.
56.45% Raised
Donation 10,726,251₫
Mobilization 19,000,000₫
Deduct funds 8,273,749₫
1 Donors

Điểu T.N was born in 1999 at Bình Phước, her husband is hiring help stuff in construction but it is unstable and insecure, sometimes income has not been receiving, she is housewife, earn living by taking cashew nuts to peel cover although weak health since pregnant the second child. Her husband and she earn only 3-5 million each month in order to handle all members living. During routine pregnant checking, she was diagnosed high blood pressure, health became to appear unusual indication therefore Bình Phước hospital made a solution of taking baby surgery so that could secure for both mother and child. Since then, she has been transferred to Chợ Rẫy hospital to continue in a curing progress. N was diagnosed after cesarean, preeclampsia, severe pneumonia require oxygen through a tracheostomy.

A newborn has not been taken care yet any day in mother’s love, mother spent day by day in exhausting at hospital during health condition just be a little better, miss her newborn has not been quite well, far from mother, taken care by grandmother at hometown. P who is her husband whenever call home miss their baby, mention it he is always in a choky.

Their family is at difficult situation and in addition got disease coincidence, family budget is gone down completely. Although having medical insurance but treatment expenditures has reached about 50 million, they has paid only 16 million until now they could not manage any longer, the amount of money anyone contributed that collected all to pay hospital cost without thinking anymore.

Lotus Charity Foundation will send 19.000.000 VND to support N’s family pressure is released, able to keep in mood for encouraging, caring of N after born, the important recover period of any mother.  Expectedly, we will receive attendtion and contribution of the Sponsors

To avoid the risk of patients being scammed over the phone, The Fund does not make patient phone numbers public. For all donations, please contact Lotus Charity Foundation – 5th Floor, 7 9 -11 Mai Thi Luu, Da Kao Ward, District 1, HCMC – Tel: (028) 39107612
Donations from benefactors will be properly directed to the designated patient. However, in order to avoid the situation that too many resources are concentrated in one case and the others less, we ask for permission if the total amount raised is more than 120% of the amount we need to help, we will only transfer the 120% maximum for the patient and the remainder will be transferred to the next case.
Account Name: Lotus Charity Foundation
VND account number:
Account 1: 6420201012822 – Agribank – Branch 10
Account 2: 0371000481127 – Vietcombank – Tan Dinh Branch
Account 3: 508317 – ACB Bank – Saigon Branch
Account 4: 18610000165426 – BIDV Bank – Ham Nghi branch.
Quỹ Bông Sen đã chuyển khoản hỗ trợ đến BV Chợ Rẫy để đóng viện phí cho BN
Danh sách Nhà hảo tâm ủng hộ:
1. Nhà hảo tâm BUI KIEU ANH hỗ trợ 300000 đồng
2. Nhà hảo tâm NGUYEN LAP PHONG hỗ trợ 200000 đồng
3. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 51251 đồng
4. Nhà hảo tâm TRAN TRUNG DUNG hỗ trợ 1000000 đồng
5. Nhà hảo tâm TRA XUAN BINH hỗ trợ 25000 đồng
6. Nhà hảo tâm NGUYEN NGOC PHI ANH hỗ trợ 2000000 đồng
7. Nhà hảo tâm LUONG BAO hỗ trợ 100000 đồng
8. Nhà hảo tâm Phước Lộc Hùng Huỳnh hỗ trợ 2000000 đồng
9. Nhà hảo tâm Ong Tu Van hỗ trợ 2000000 đồng
10. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 300000 đồng
11. Nhà hảo tâm Lam hỗ trợ 250000 đồng
12. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 200000 đồng
13. Nhà hảo tâm NGO HUE PHUONG hỗ trợ 200000 đồng
14. Nhà hảo tâm NGUYEN THAO LINH hỗ trợ 100000 đồng
15. Nhà hảo tâm LUONG HUY HOANG hỗ trợ 200000 đồng
16. Nhà hảo tâm HAPPY SMILES hỗ trợ 500000 đồng
17. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 200000 đồng
18. Nhà hảo tâm Ẩn Danh hỗ trợ 100000 đồng