The 10th 2,000 dong restaurant of Lotus Charity Foundation and this is the first one in Highland Region. The shop located at 50 Thong nhat Street, Ia Ring Ward, Pleiku Town, Gia Lai Province

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The shop will open on 11/11/2020.

After 8 years of managing 2,000 VND restaurants, supporting more than 3 million cheap meals, Lotus Charity Foundation has made significant changes, gradually moving from a chain of cooperation to the an affiliated restaurant, identifying form of expression, service style to the awareness of charity of all employees and volunteers in the restaurant.

The Lotus Charity Foundation has changed the name of the beneficiaries of the 2,000 VND rice meal from “poor working people” to “people with low income” to “disadvantage” and until now, we officially use “people in need”. Likewise, our awareness of philanthropy has shifted from Charity to Philanthropy and to Transforming Charity now.

In Saigon, LCF manages 7 restaurants with 2,000 VND meals, the demand is still great because this place has millions of people living on the street struggling to make a living. In the remote highlands like Pleiku, there are also people who make a living from the neighboring villages, who can’t get to Saigon, are equally busy and struggling. Yen Vui Pleiku – Gia Lai shop was run to help them somewhat. Most importantly, we want to show: there is one more sign of compassion. Kind hearts, sympathetic hearts will have the opportunity to gather at Yen Vui Pleiku – Gia Lai.

Thanks all staff and volunteers for a long process, right in the Covid pandemic, from surveying, renovating, training, equipping to today one more peace &Happiness Shop launched. We still have a long journey to turn 2,000 VND meals into a transforming charity, turning dry land into a fresh flower garden. At that time, it was really a shop selling peace and joy.

Opening date: 11/11/2020

Address: 50 Thong Nhat, .Ia Kring Ward, Pleiku City, Gia Lai.

Business days: Mon – Wed – Fri

Contact: Ms. Hân (0938 863 639) or Ms. Ngọc (0939 709 528)