Located at 11 Nguyen Huy Luong, Ward 14, Binh Thanh District Phone: 0906.805.838 (Ms. Châu) or 093.889.7154 (Ms. Huệ) Head of shop: Mr. Nam Đồng Business day: From Mon to Sat

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6th Smile Eatery is the next 2,000 VND shop in the cheap meal project of the Lotus Charity Foundation. The shop was opened on October 19, 2013. Custumers will be serves 2,000 VND lunch with main dishes, soups and desserts, rice and free iced tea. The customers of the restaurant are low-income earners, lonely and isolated older people , disabled people and students with difficult circumstances.

Shop owner: Mr. Nam Đồng

Address: No.11 Nguyen Huy Luong Street , Ward 14, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

Phone: 0906.805.838 (Ms. Châu) or 093.889,7154 (Ms. Huệ)

Email: quancomnucuoi6@gmail.com