City folks often enjoy the feeling of empty and airy roads during long holidays like Tet. The city with few people has become beautiful and lovely thanks to a few wealthy townspeople who have been on holiday and also thanks to most immigrants coming back home to after a hard year. The disparity in living standards between the city and the countryside has drawn many immigrants to the city.

We have seen a lot of immigrants live frugally, eat breakfast a little late, sometimes fast at noon to wait until the afternoon to save a decent amount of money for their parents, husband, wife, and their childs… Cycling for tens of kilometers a day, not enough food and suffering… so many people who make a living to the hardest endure it. There are also residents of the city who sometimes fall into poverty, and have also had to fast like that. Many poor students who spend their money on school desperately need cheap meals. While we enjoy enjoying office lunch in the melodious music and cool air of the air conditioner, chances are many people have to drink water to forget hunger.


The idea of ​​making a cheap eatery at 2000 VND price has been successfully deployed by the Toi Cuu Mang charity group on Ngo Quyen District 10 and also developed by the group of Ms. Nguyen Thi Khanh My at Lu Gia area. We bow our heads in respect and gratitude to these charitable groups. You are doing well and making success. We would like to imitate you and create more places to provide cheap meals.

Currently, Smile eatery/restaurant system has established 6 places:

***** 1st Smile Eatery

Head: Mr. Nam Dong

Address: 6 Cong Quynh Street, District 1

Service day:  From Monday to Saturday

***** 2nd Smile Eatery

Head: Ms. Phan Thi Chau

Address: 488 Truong Chinh, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, HCMC

Service day:  From Monday to Saturday

***** 4th Smile Eatery

Head: Mr. Vo Tan Hung

Address: 148 Ben Van Don, District 4

Service day: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

***** 6th Smile Eatery

Head: Mr. Nam Dong

Address: 11 Nguyen Huy Luong, Ward 14, Binh Thanh District, HCMC.

Service day:  From Monday to Saturday

 ***** 7th Smile Eatery

Head: Mr. Phan Hong Hai

Address: 68/12 Lu Gia, Ward 15, District 11, HCMC

Service day: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

***** 8th Smile Eatery

Head: Mr. Vo Anh Dung

Address: 1276 Huynh Tan Phat, Phu My Ward, District 7

Service day: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

***** 9th Smile Eatery

Address: 17A Tran Dinh Xu, Cau Kho Ward, Distric 1

Service day: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

***** Peace & Happiness Shop in Thanh Khe – Da Nang

Head: Mr. Nguyen Duy Duc

Address: 68 Ly Trien, An Khe ward, Thanh Khe district, Da Nang

Service day: From Monday to Friday

***** Peace & Happiness Shop in Mai Linh – Quang Tri

Head: Mr. Nguyen Duy Ai

Address: 206/7 Tran Hung Dao, Mai Linh, Quang Tri

Service day: From Monday to Friday

***** Peace & Happiness Shop in Pleiku – Gia Lai

Address: 50 Thong Nha, Ia Kring Ward, Pleiku, Gia Lai

Service day:Monday, Wednesday and Friday

***** Peace & Happiness Shop in Vinh – Nghe An

Address: 75 Phung Khac Khoan, Hung Dung Ward, Vinh, Nghe An

Service day:Monday, Wednesday and Friday

***** Peace & Happiness Shop in Ninh Kieu – Can Tho

Address: 70 Vo Van Kiet, An Hoa Ward, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho

Service day:Monday, Wednesday and Friday

***** Peace & Happiness Shop in Dong Da – Ha Noi

Address: No.136, 88 lane Tran Quy Cap, Van Chuong Ward, Dong Da, Ha Noi

Service day:Monday, Wednesday and Friday

  • Completed
    Quán cơm xã hội Nụ Cười 3 đã ngưng hoạt động từ cuối tháng 12/2018, Quán cơm Xã hội Nụ Cười 8 sẽ tiếp tục hoạt động trợ giúp suất ăn giá rẻ tại địa chỉ này.

We only have a part of the population that are covered by health insurance. And we have quite a lot of low-income people, living in remote areas, lacking medical and social knowledge. Even up to the higher level hospitals in the city, there are still many unhappy life scenes. Sometimes just looking at the amount on the prescription, the test order, the payment request will cause both the patient and the family headache, dizzying. Even food and transportation to the hospital cannot be afforded, how can they be treated. So they escaped from the hospital and went home, used simple Vietnamese herbs to get by, and endured the pain.

There have been many charitable groups and donors who regularly help poor patients. And we, the Charity Fund, also contribute a little bit of it. We don’t expect to do much but it is better to give a little than nothing. The project is gradually building a team of Volunteers who stay in the hospital to provide medical assistance to poor patients. The process, support criteria, etc. are increasingly completed with the best efforts.


Poor patients worry when buying medicine. Photo of Tuoi Tre newspaper dated August 17, 2012

The precursor of this project is “Pain Relief Fund” implemented by a charity group in collaboration with Weekend Saigon Entrepreneur Magazine, in 2004. Please quote the 2004 open letter for donation.

There is a certain afternoon of relaxation, sitting and thinking about my life, the passages of life, the happiness will come. There are days of overwhelming happiness, some days of hardship. Then think about the life that will come, who can be sure that they will be happiness forever. Happiness can sometimes be grasped in the hand with an eternal and optimistic will, but calamity is very extreme. Whoever dares to claim forever that their health is so plentiful that their sickness never overlooks. In the scourges of life, sickness will come to people like an unstoppable, inanimate force. The best attitude towards this type of disaster is that of waiting, no matter what kind of medical care you are receiving in the world.

Fortunately, we still have the capacity to be cured if one day illness comes knocking on the door. But many others do not. One afternoon you try to go to an after-hours clinic that specializes in oncology. In the few dozen patients who come to the clinic, there will be a few positive cancer patients who have metastasized. Maybe it was a austere man from some upland field in Lam Dong, homeless in an old piece of shirt, walking spindly thanks to the guidance of his sick daughter. Sometimes he was a bright-eyed boy from the West. Both his father and mother left the field and took him to Saigon for medical treatment. They are both poor in poverty and austerity. And they are very similar in attitude of being dumbfounded when they hear the doctor explain about the end-stage cancer that they unfortunately have. Then followed by a series of days of healing, writhing physical pain, and a catastrophe that fell on the whole family, which was also very difficult to get dressed. Every day in hospitals in this city, there are few people like that, relatives in the family look at each other in a daze before the disaster so suddenly, die when reading the results of a grimly positive test. my illness. Then a long series of days later in the hospital bed, when the great savings will eventually go away because they cannot follow the long battle of sickness, the patient and their relatives just look at each other and wait for death, desperate suffering on the sick body, but the helpless suffering of the rest who watched their loved ones groan was equally tragic.

Just one dose of pain reliever, a suitable treatment medicine is what the patient need to ease the pain, more luckily overcome pain, fight the disease with the chance to recover and heal. Just a simple case of a few hundred thousand, a few million VND but sometimes becomes a terrible burden of pressure on poor patient families. It becomes a magical dream as if a blessing high up in heaven. The “impossible” sometimes becomes “possible”, despair turns into hope if only some money is needed at the moment.

  • Completed
    Hơn 60 tuổi, cô Nguyễn Thị Sanh, ở huyện Bình Chánh - TP.HCM phải trải qua biết bao nỗi bất hạnh của đời người. Mất chồng, mất nhà rồi mất con, cô chỉ có một ước mơ đó là được đi lại như một người bình thường, được bán vé số mưu sinh để nuôi nấng đứa cháu nội duy nhất học hành nên người cũng trở nên quá xa vời khi vết thương ở đôi chân từ một vụ bị đụng xe cách đây 1 năm liên tục hành hạ khiến cô đau đớn.
    Donation 38,850,000₫
    Mobilization 16,000,000₫
    Deduct funds 0₫
  • Completed
    Mr. Dieu Giang, born in 1993, is a co-treasurer of the Stieng ethnic minority living in Son Trung village, Duc Hanh commune, Bu Gia Map district, Binh Phuoc province. On the way home from work, he had a traffic accident and had to be in emergency at Cho Ray hospital with multiple injuries that required surgery to save his life.
    Donation 17,515,500₫
    Mobilization 17,000,000₫
    Deduct funds 0₫
  • Completed
    Nhìn bé Dương Khánh Minh, mới chỉ 6 tháng tuổi đã phải dùng máy thở không khỏi xót xa. Bé bị chuẩn đoán bị bệnh tim bẩm sinh, không có lỗ van động mạch phổi, đang cần 15 triệu đóng tiền viện phí để tiến hành ca phẫu thuật đầu tiên trong hành trình tìm lại một cuộc đời bình thường như bao đứa trẻ khác.
    Donation 18,500,000₫
    Mobilization 15,000,000₫
    Deduct funds 0₫
  • Completed
    Bé Đinh Vũ Hoàng Long, sinh ngày 3/1/2019, quê quán ở Trảng Bom, Đồng Nai Bé nhập viện được hơn 1 tuần nay do bị khó thở, bác sĩ chẩn đoán bị rối loạn nhịp tim cần chi phí 30 triệu đặt máy tạo nhịp để duy trì sự sống.
    Donation 10,800,000₫
    Mobilization 10,000,000₫
    Deduct funds 0₫

Emergency relief programs

Emergency assistance projects for people in areas hit by natural disasters, storms and floods

Education and skill training programs

With the belief that only through education can poor children have a chance to change their fate. Lotus Charity Foundation has implemented a number of Education Projects to help poor children having more possibilities to go to school. The Fund hopes to receive the support of benefactors.

Below are some ongoing projects of Lotus Charity Foundation:

+ 3rd Smile Project – I go to school:

Head of project: Mr. Tran Trong Thuc

Sponsor and supervise the education of poor children who cannot go to school or are in danger of dropping out.

+ 7th Smile Project- Helping orphans

Head of project: Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Nghia

Sponsoring education for orphans in orphanages, compassion houses, and shelters.

+ 2nd Smile Project – School of love:

Head of project: Ms. Phan Thi Chau

Overtime classes give poor children a chance to learn

  • Is campaigning
    Dự án Nụ Cười 3 - Em đến trường là dự án Hỗ trợ giáo dục đầu tiên được Quỹ Từ thiện Bông Sen triển khai do ông Trần Trọng Thức làm chủ nhiệm dự án. Dự án gồm hai chương trình miễn phí là lo việc học cho trẻ em hoàn cảnh khó khăn, cung cấp suất ăn dinh dưỡng cho học sinh nghèo.

Construction programs

  • Completed
    Cập nhật ngày 29/11/2018 Quỹ Từ thiện Bông Sen đã chuyển số tiền 22.450.000 đồng đến người dân tại tuyến Kênh Phèn. Con đường bê tông, niềm mong mỏi của bao thế hệ gần 50 năm nay đã thành hiện thực. Người dân và các em nhỏ không còn nỗi sợ bùn lầy, trơn trượt, đường sá khó đi. Con đường bê tông thẳng tắp, bằng phẳng trải dài là niềm vui không sao kể siết của người dân tại tuyến Kênh Phèn.
    Donation 22,450,000₫
    Mobilization 22,000,000₫
    Deduct funds 0₫

Construction projects such as Supporting houses for the lonely elderly, building bridges to help people escape poverty, schools for children in remote areas, projects to supply clean water to rural areas, etc.

Support Means of Living

  • Is campaigning
    Có ít nhất mười ngàn người khuyết tật chi dưới trên cả nước đang phải vượt lên số phận nghiệt ngã để kiếm sống, để tồn tại. Quỹ Bông Sen đã hợp tác thiết kế và sản xuất thành công xe ba bánh điện để hỗ trợ người khuyến tật mưu sinh. Quỹ kêu gọi giới thiệu ứng viên phù hợp để được mua giảm giá đến 98% giá trị xe.