Mr. Dieu Giang, born in 1993, is a co-treasurer of the Stieng ethnic minority living in Son Trung village, Duc Hanh commune, Bu Gia Map district, Binh Phuoc province. On the way home from work, he had a traffic accident and had to be in emergency at Cho Ray hospital with multiple injuries that required surgery to save his life.

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Mr. Dieu Giang, born in 1993, has a wife and a 19-month-old child, and he and his wife work as hired labor, clearing grass in durian gardens and cashew orchards. Unstable work with an income of 180,000 VND per day. Unfortunately, when he got home from work, he had an accident and was transferred directly to Cho Ray Hospital and was diagnosed with multiple injuries that required surgery to save his life. His wife had to give back her 19-month-old baby, who had not been weaned at home, for her sister to take care of so she could take care of him alone. The baby has never left his mother, so he cries very hard to ask for his mother, but Len is unable to leave him in the current situation.

The person who caused the accident did not have any compensation for their family. With difficult family circumstances, his parents and brother helped him borrow 12 million to pay for the surgery of connecting the bladder, inserting a catheter and sucking fluid in the lungs through the dangerous period. Currently, he also has to perform more surgery to harden the lumbar spine and antibiotics, at a cost of 17 million VND. His family cannot afford this surgery.

More than ever, Anh Giang is in desperate need of the cooperation, sharing and help of benefactors. Bong Sen Charity Fund hopes our benefactors will join hands to help patients 17 million VND to have surgery costs to help him overcome this difficult period.
To avoid the risk of a patient being deceived over the phone, the Foundation does not disclose the patient’s phone number. For all contributions to patients, please contact Bong Sen Charity Fund – Floor 5 at 7- 9 -11 Mai Thi Luu, Ward Da Kao, District 1, HCMC – Tel: (028) 39107612
Donations from the donors will be properly forwarded to designated patients. However, in order to avoid having too many sources flocking to one term that other less fortunate cases do not have, we ask for permission if the total amount raised is more than 120% of the need to help we just turn dark. up to 120% for the patient and the balance will go on to help next period.
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TK1: Account Name: Bong Sen Charity Fund, Account Number: 6420201012822 – Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank) – Branch 10
TK2: Account Name: Bong Sen Charity Fund, Account Number: 0371000481127 – Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) – Tan Dinh Branch
TK3: Account Name: Bong Sen Charity Fund, Account Number: 508317 – Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ACB) – Saigon Branch
TK4: Account Name: Bong Sen Charity Fund, Account Number: 18610000165426 – Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) – Ham Nghi Branch.